The story so far

Restoring St John’s

St John’s has stood on this site for 200 years. It was built as a Waterloo church so in thanksgiving to God for the great victory at the Battle of Waterloo. The design brief was to seat as many people as possible at the least cost, so there are still pews for 1,500  people at an initial build cost of £37,000 (ie about £4 million in 2021 prices).

The building was first opened in 1821 and now in 2021, we are opening the doors again after a 20-year gap while the congregation worshipped at Emmaus church (Clover Street).  Now we are breathing new life into the building as we open the doors again for worship, prayer, and community activities.

We’ve recently had our own Waterloo moment as both a toilet and kitchen have been installed in one of the rooms of the church so we are ready to welcome you with fresh coffee confident in the knowledge that you won’t be crossing your legs if you stick around. Join us?